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A new era of bracing is here for scoliosis & kyphosis treatment

ScoliBrace for kids and teens may achieve curve reduction, while improving the overall appearance of the body

Our Clinic

At Another Level Health we have been successfully treating people with many types of spinal problems, including scoliosis, kyphosis and other degenerative spinal problems. The current guidelines of the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) support combining patient specific exercises and bracing for optimal non-surgical benefit.

Our Approach

We make every effort to deliver the best possible non-surgical scoliosis treatment available on the planet. In addition to traditional chiropractic we utilize the full Chiropractic Biophysics approach of patient specific exercises and posture correction traction to restore the spine closer to normal alignment. Improving spinal alignment has been shown to reduce pain, improve function, improve quality of life psychological wellbeing and help you look and feel better.

Our Team

Surgery has its place, but as a last resort. Our team is led by Dr. Haasseem Mohammed who has expertise in conservative spinal correction and scoliosis bracing. We recognize the stress and the uncertainty many people are going through when trying to understand what the best approach would be in dealing spinal issues. We are here help and make things simple for you and answer any questions. Call today for a free consultation.


ScoliBrace is a unique bracing method creating truly custom made 3D spinal braces for patients with scoliosis and kyphosis. Every brace is custom made for the individual by a dedicated design team and Computer Aided Design and Manufacture and then shipped to our clinic in Boyton Beach, Florida.

Who can benefit from ScoliBrace?

Children with

ScoliBrace can be used in the treatment of infantile and juvenile idiopathic scoliosis cases and may reduce curves, as well as improve body cosmetics

with scoliosis

ScoliBrace can be used in the treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) cases and may reduce curves, as well as improve cosmetics with reduced rib humping, more level shoulders, and more symmetrical waist


ScoliBrace can be used in the treatment of adult scoliosis cases and may slow or stop worsening of curves, reduce pain, improve cosmetics and body symmetry and promote better spine balance helping with fall prevention


KyphoBrace can be used in the treatment of kyphosis cases and may not only hold progression, but also reduce the kyphosis curve and improve the posture and cosmetic appearance of the patient

ScoliBrace Options

The ScoliBrace range offers treatment solutions
for a wide range of curve sizes, ages and conditions.

A ScoliBrace is a corrective brace.  It works by guiding the body and spine into a posture that is the opposite of how the scoliosis is shaped.

Curve reduction may be achieved,  while improving the overall appearance of the body.

This type of ScoliBrace can be used in the treatment of AIS, Juvenile, Infantile and some Neuromuscular curves.

KyphoBrace is a specialised kyphosis brace, which may not only hold progression, but also reduce the kyphosis curve.

This brace has the benefit of being low profile, so is hardly visible under clothing.

KyphoBrace can be used in the treatment of Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, Hyper Kyphosis,Thoracolumbar Kyphosis & Anterior Sagittal Balance.

ScoliNight is most effective as an early intervention in small curves in younger patients.

The goal is to stop progression during growth rather than waiting until a scoliosis is so big it requires full time bracing

Night time only wear can enhance compliance in younger children.

An Adult ScoliBrace can be prescribed for both pre-existing and degenerative adult scoliosis.

Adult scoliosis patients may only need to wear the brace part -time each day to get significant pain relief and postural correction.

Most ScoliBrace’s designed for adults are low profile designs, that are nearly invisible under clothing.

Successful patient case examples

Successful patient Kyphosis case using KyphoBrace
Successful patient adult degenerative case with ScoliBrace
Successful patient infantile scoliosis case with ScoliBrace
Successful patient adolescent idiopathic scoliosis case with ScoliBrace

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